Sleeping Hammock Comparison Chart – for 2018

Compare sleeping hammocks before you buy! Use this chart to see prices, features, ratings, sizes, weight capacity & more.

Hammocks Style Rating
Hammock Length Fabric
& Features
Weight Capacity Price
Good for
Vivere Double Hammock
Vivere Double
Brazilian 4.8 Bed: 7’10”
Full: 10’10”
100% Cotton. Easy care & packs in carrying bag. 400 lb capacity $130 Yes Read Review of Viviere Hammock Yes
Sunbrella Double
Sunbrella Hammock
Brazilian 4.8 Bed: 7’11”
Full: 12′
Weather-Resistant Sunbrella. Therefore, ideal for outdoor use. 450 lb capacity $250 Yes Read Review of Sunbrella Hammock Yes
Vivere Deluxe
Crochet Fringe

White Hammock with Crochet Fringe
Brazilian 4.2 Bed: 8’6″
Full: 14′
100% Cotton. Plus, hand-crocheted fringe. 450 lb capacity $100 Yes No
La Siesta

La Siesta
Brazilian 5.0 Bed: 7’7″
Full: 11’6″
Organic Cotton. Plus, super soft, macrame fringe. 355 lb capacity $200 Yes Read Review of La Siesta Hammock No
Modesta Arabica
Modesta Arabica Colombian Hammock
Colombian 4.0 Bed: 6’7″
Full: 9’10”

Organic Cotton. Soft, easy to clean.

265 lb capacity $75 Yes No
Novica Hammock
Novica Sleeping Hammock: with Orange and Yellow Stripes with White Fringe
Brazilian 4.5 Bed: 7’6″
Full: 12’6″
100% Cotton. Handcrafted. Comes in a variety of colors. 450 lb capacity $120 Yes Read Review of Novica Hammock No
Eco Hammock
Eco Hammock, Made of Recycled Materials
Brazilian 4.5 Bed: 6’6″
Full: 10’8″
Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles & Cotton Textile Discards, Super Soft, Queen Size. 500 lb capacity $50 Yes Read Review of Eco Hammock No
Skeeter Beeter
Skeeter Beeter
Camping 4.5 Bed: 10’6″ Nylon. Keeps the mosquitos out. 400 lb capacity $75 Yes Read Review of Mosquito Net Hammocks No
ENO DoubleNest
ENO DoubleNest Hammock
Camping 5.0 Bed: 9’4″ Woven Nylon. Very lightweight. Tons of colors. 400 lb capacity $79 Yes No

How to Choose a Sleeping Hammock

First of all, decide on the size hammock you want. For example, do you want a compact single-size hammock, double width or an extra large family size version?

By the way, many people find that a double wide hammock works especially well for sleeping since it provides more space and support. In addition, larger size hammocks enable you to use them both lengthwise (as a bed) and sideways (as a chair).

Second, consider the look and feel that you want. For instance, do you like fringe, lots of colors or a fabric that is easy to clean?

Third, think about the fabric. Cotton fabrics are very comfortable but tend to be warm in the summer time. Conversely, nylon camping hammocks are very lightweight and breathable. In addition, outdoor material like Sunbrella will perform better outdoors than other less durable materials.

Fourth, do you need a stand or will you hang your hammock from 2 trees or using hooks? If you want a stand, usually package deals can save you money.

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