Giant Family Size Hammock – Holds 1-3 People (660 lbs)

3 Views of Mayan Family Size Hammock

No. She’s not 660 pounds. However, this family size hammock can hold up to 660 lbs, having a size of 157″ long x 79″ wide end-to-end (bed size: 79″ x 79″).

Is a Bigger Hammock Better?

The Sunnydaze Mayan Hammock can comfortably fit 3 people (or lots of kids). It’s made with lots of handwoven cotton strands, so it is compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space when not in use.

This special design also allows the hammock to adjust it’s shape according to the number and size of the people in the hammock at any one time.

Why this Family Hammock is Good for 1 Person:

Even though this giant hammock can fit multiple people, it’s also nice for a single person.

The greater space really enables you to move around and spread out in the hammock. In addition to laying in it lengthwise, it is also very comfortable widthwise as well.

Sitting in it widthwise makes it more like a hammock swing. Some users set it up where their feet can lightly tough the ground from this position so you can continuously swing yourself if you want.

See how to get in and out of such a large hammock, and all the different ways you can sit and lay in it…

Is the Hammock Really That Strong?

Some people wonder how this lightweight and compact family hammock can actually hold 660 lbs.

The numerous strands enable the weight to be dispersed throughout the bed. On top of that, the ends are constructed with woven nylon to increase the durability while hanging.

What You Don’t Get with the Family Size Hammock:

The $89 $68 price tag does not include a stand or hanging kit. You will need to buy a hanging kit separately or you can get a hammock with stand for $220 $189 (free shipping).

Red Hammock with Colorful Pillows
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Something I really Like About This Giant Hammock…

I really like this extra large hammock because of its eclectic colorful design. It can be used indoors or out to brighten up a deck or family room.

Due to the fact that it can spread open so large, I’d add several bright and colorful cushions or pillows to use while in it. They can add to the comfort, give your hanging bed more shape and make the hammock look more welcoming at the same time.

Pillow are also a great way to avoid getting the hammock lines criss-crossed on your face when you fall asleep (and you know you will).

In addition to adding lots of function and versatility to your space, these festive large hammocks can be very interesting to look at. If you have a dull and boring room, consider adding a hammock (if you have the space for it). One of these can really transform a room.


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