Yellow Leaf Hammocks – the Perfect Travel Hammock?

Yellow Leaf Hammocks make it easy to nap and relax anywhere. Take them camping, on a tropical vacation, up the mountains, by a lake or beach. Not to mention, you can hang them in your own backyard.

Sedona Yellow Leaf Hammock on Camping Trip

The Super Strong Hammock that Travels Anywhere

These ultra-lightweight napping essentials only weigh about 2 lbs, yet they can hold up to 400 lbs in weight. That is, unless you get their king-size hammock, which can hold up to 550 lbs!

In comparison, the Hennesy camping hammock weighs about 2 lbs. Yet, it only holds one person and has a weight limit of only 250 lbs.

They may not look like a tough and rugged piece of travel gear. However, these brightly-colored hammocks feature a unique “triple weave” construction that uses more than 150,000 interlocking loops. This makes the delicate-looking threads extremely strong without making them heavy.

Fine Hammock Weave on Kilauea Yellow Leaf HammockConstructed of light (yet heavy-duty) acrylic yarn, Yellow Leaf Hammocks compact easily. Therefore, you can easily stick them in your travel bag or hiking backpack without them taking up much space.

In fact, this 2-person hammock packs down into the size of a football. It even comes with its own carrying duffel, so you can attach it on the outside of your backpack if you want.

Not only can you take these hammocks virtually anywhere, but they are durable enough to stand up to sun and rain. Don’t be afraid to use them year-round outdoors – they can handle it!

For example, they contain UV protection, so the bright colors won’t fade and the yarn won’t break down quickly. In addition, the material will not mold or mildew from exposure to moisture.

Hammocks that are Soft, Breathable & Very Comfortable to Sleep In

But don’t be deceived. These super strong, ultra durable hammocks feel surprisingly soft. Plus, the fine weave conforms to your body and comfortably cradles you while swing, nap or simply sit and watch the sunset.

Yellow Leaf Hammock - Soft, Strong and Breathable

Compared to cotton or polyester fabric hammocks, these handwoven Mayan style hammocks feature an open weave. In other words, they breathe while you lay in them, making them more comfortable on sunny days in warm weather.

Note: However, the coolest feature of Yellow Leaf Hammocks is the fact that they help empower people living in impoverished communities. In fact, the company employs artisan weavers in Thailand to hand-make the hammocks in an effort to bring their villages out of poverty.

And, like any trusty Mayan hammock, the Yellow Leafs won’t flip. Don’t worry! you can fall asleep in them without panicking about whether or not you will suddenly tumble out of it. Even your friends might have a hard time trying to dump you out of it. =)

Yellow Leaf Hammock Hanging on Patio Outdoors

Their Extra-Wide Width Makes These Hammocks More Versatile

I like 2-person hammocks because you can lay in them lengthwise or sit in them widthwise. For example, you can sit up and read or swing, or you can lay down and take a nap. You can compare other sleeping hammocks here.

Of course, you can comfortably fit 2 people – or you can claim the space to yourself and spread out. In most cases, I think it just makes more sense to get a double-size hammock vs a single. You simply have more ways you can enjoy it.

Note: Do you need straps, hooks or help hanging your hammock from trees or deck posts? See this article: How to Hang a Brazilian Hammock.

2-Person Yellow Leaf Handwoven Hammock Hanging from Tree

Specs for Yellow Leaf Hammocks:

  • Dimensions: 108″ long x 84″ wide
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Material: Soft-Spun Acrylic Performance Yarn (UV-resistant and Weatherproof)
  • 3 Color Options: Turquoise/Blue, Blue/Orange or Red/Orange

Sedona Yellow Leaf Hammock

Kilauea Yellow Leaf HammockKilauea


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