Need to Relax More? See this Hand Woven Hammock…

Do you want an extra large multi-person hammock that you can fit in a large open patio, deck or backyard? The Hand Woven Hammock below may be just what you’re looking for…

Navy and White Jacquard Hand Woven Hammock on Patio

In addition to being completely comfortable, multi-functional and spacious, this hammock even looks great when not in use.

Plus, Add Style to Your Home with This Hammock…

Hand Woven Fringe Hanging from XXL HammockIn fact, it has a sophisticated look indoors as well (assuming you have enough space).

You’ll notice the intricate detailing in the hanging fridge on both sides of the bed. This haves the hammock a more elegant and finished appearance.

In addition, it provides more “substance”, so your hammock doesn’t simply look like a hanging piece of fabric.

Tip: Keep a few throw pillows in the bed of the hammock even while not in use. This designer trick helps give the bed more shape and makes it look more inviting. Not to mention, they make sleeping more comfortable!

Turn Your Deck or Patio into a Spa-Like Retreat…

Hand Woven Fabric on Brazilian Style HammockTake a break out of your busy day and pretend like you’re on a beach in Mexico. (Need a wave sound machine?…)

The special Jacquard weave looks and feels thick and luxurious. Plus, the intertwined threads give this hammock a unique raised and textured pattern.

In addition, the weave won’t lose its color like printed fabrics sometimes can. Plan on having your hammock look great for a long time.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself relaxing in it more often that you think. Hammocks are quite habit forming – in a good way. =)

Hand Woven Hammock Specs:

Based in Brazil, Ramalho Textiles manufactures authentic hand woven hammocks using old-world style and new innovations. The Island Bay Brand sells a variety of traditional hammocks styles from all over the world.


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