Hennessy Hammock Review: a 2 lb Ultralight Camping Tent?

Hennessy Ultralight Camping HammockBelow is my review of the Hennessy Hammock Tent. Also check out their Deluxe XL Series, for serious campers.

You may not choose this hammock to sleep in at home. However, it provides the perfect solution for ultralight backpacking trips and all-around off-the-ground camping. It weighs in at about 2.5 pounds and is super compact, so you won’t even notice it in a backpack.

Unlike other camping hammocks, though, it comes with a very useful rainfly and priceless no-see-um netting. You can even use it as a chair. Not to mention it looks cool. Who knows, you may even want to set it up in your backyard!

Although in the photo, it looks like a complex, high-tech machine, this camping-tent-hammock actually can be set up in under 5 minutes. It even self-seals without needing zippers, which takes its simplicity to a whole new level.

Of course, we’re more about sleeping than camping here. If you’ve ever slept in a hammock, you know that it’s way more comfortable than sleeping on the hard ground, inside your car or the bed of a truck. Not to mention that you are suspended up off the ground, so you are more protected and don’t have to worry so much about bugs and other critters.

These days, camping hammocks have many of the features that traditional tents do (mosquito netting, tarps and even separate pockets for small gear and other items). No wonder people are switching. Due to the fact they are super compact and lightweight (when compared to many tents), Hennessy Hammocks are ideal for ultralight backpackers.

Better Sleep in a Hennessy Hammock?

In short, more comfort and less worries translate to a better night’s sleep, which makes for better camping, more trips and more fun – even if you use it to sleep outdoors in your own yard. And if you live in a buggy area, you totally understand.

Is There a Downside to Hennessy Hammocks?

The only downside that I see is that these “sleeping tents” are designed for one person. Plus, can only support up to 250 lbs. That means that if you have a family of 4, this type of set-up can end up being more expensive. Not to mention, more work than pitching a single 4-person tent.

That said, maybe having 4 separate sleeping quarters will keep your family happier. Just saying.

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Review:

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