Macrame Hammock with Tassels [ 3 Styles + 5 Ways to Use It ]

Do you want to “upscale” your hammock to one you can use indoors without looking out of place? This handmade macrame hammock with tassels adds just enough classic vintage style without looking like it should be outdoors.

White Macrame Hammock with Tassels

In fact, it can enhance the look of any room without taking up much space. Not only that, but you can easily set it up or take it down in minutes.

White Macrame Rope Hammock with handmade Tassels - Use Inside or OutdoorsOr move it outdoors for that matter. I mean, how many pieces of furniture are lightweight, portable and easy to move, right?

Use Macrame Hammock Swings for More than Just Napping…

Once you own a hammock, you will soon realize that you can use it for many activities. Besides reading and napping, you can even sleep in these Brazilian style macrame swings.

Some people use them as meditation chairs or to work on a laptop computer. They also make super comfortable loungers for watching movies too.

Lay in it lengthwise and sleep or sit in this macrame rope hammock widthwise like a chair. It feels comfortable either way.

I like to set up my hammocks with large plush cushions. They make the swing look more full and inviting rather than hanging flat. Pillows can also make lounging more comfortable, since you can prop up your head or legs if you want to.

Note: And I haven’t even mentioned cost. This stylish Bohemian tasseled hammock only costs about $50!

Specs for Macrame Hammock with Tassels:

  • Dimensions: 79″ Long by 59″ Wide (single size is 32″ wide)
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Material: 70% Cotton and 30% Soft Polyester
  • Color: Ivory (off white)
  • Available in 2-Person and 1-Person Sizes
  • Handmade by Artisans
  • Easy to Clean with Soap and Water
  • Get the Macrame Sleeping Hammock here

How to Wash a Macrame Hammmock:

Macrame Hammock Cords and Cotton/Polyester Weatherproof Fabric is Durable and Easy to CleanNote: Due to the more fragile macrame fringe edges of these hammocks, the manufacturer recommends hand washing versus a washing a machine.

That said, the cotton-polyester fabric and cords are very durable and easy to clean, and you can use basic soap or laundry detergent to clean it.

Black Macrame Hammock has Luxurious Bohemian Style:

Black Macrame Hammock with Tassels and FringeYou can also get a Brazilian tassel hammock in black. The style looks a little different because it is made by a different company, but it still has that boho look with a macrame edge.

Although this fringed hammock looks nice to use indoors at home, it comes with a travel bag so you can take it camping.

In fact, the package also includes adjustable hanging straps and sturdy steel clips to secure around trees or posts.

The weather-resistant cotton/polyester fabric is comfortable yet holds up well outdoors. This makes it very versatile, plus, it can hold up to 440 lbs in weight.

It comes with sturdy loops on each end, so all you will need hooks, straps or a hammock stand to hang it.

Pretend You are on a Beach in Bali with a Festive Style Hammock:

Novica Brazilian Hammock in Orange and Yellow with White Hanging FringeNovica also makes a “Brazilian Beach” crochet fringe hammock with orange and yellow stripes for a more tropical feel. It supports 440 lbs and therefore can be used as either a cozy bed or a relaxing swing for 2.

Actually, you can get the Novica double hammock in over 15 different colors. Plus you can choose from a selection of solid fabrics or stripes. In any case, these macrame hammocks make the perfect spot to enjoy a sunset with an umbrella drink. =)


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