What I Like About the Mayan Crochet Hammock…

Mayan Crochet Hammock with Fringe: Nap in Style

The Mayan Crochet Hammock takes napping up a notch.

In addition making a great sleeping hammock, this style looks really cool even when you’re not asleep in it. In fact, it’s so fun-looking that it just invites guests to sit in it.

Plus, this Mayan hammock can accommodate multiple people (up to 400 lbs). Therefore, it’s extra wide, which makes it more comfortable to sit in both lengthwise and widthwise.

Using the Mayan Hammock Indoors

I think this factor is important, especially if you want to use a hammock indoors. While they are extremely comfortable, they can sometimes look out-of-place.

The decorative crochet provides a comfy-casual yet upscale designer look. Plus, the bright colors make any deck or bedroom feel like you’re on vacation on a tropical island.

Close Up of Weave and Tassles on Mayan Crochet Hammock

I like the fact that native Mayans actually hand weave these hammocks. In addition, they are tightly woven with a thicker rope, and therefore more durable and less likely to tangle. (This can sometimes happen with cheaper nylon versions).

The company recommends a space of 11 to 14 feet to hang it properly. You will also need hanging hardware or a hammock stand if you don’t already have one.

What About Hammock Pillows?

Set of Hammock Pillows for Indoor and Outdoor Use

In addition, you will probably want some throw pillows. Not only do pillows make the hammock look full when not in use, they can help make your head and neck more comfortable. Not to mention, they can help prevent you from getting criss-cross marks on you face from the hammock weave.

I often find myself working on the computer in my hammock. Pillows come in handy to elevate my laptop, making it more comfortable to work.

Solving a Common Hammock Problem…

As you might already know, I prefer Brazilian hammocks to Mayan hammocks because they aren’t constructed of strings or cords that leave criss-cross marks on your body.

With the crochet hammock, however, they look so nice that I’d be willing to do a trade-off and lay a blanket or towel on it if I wanted to take a long nap.

Mayan Crochet Hammock Specs:

  • Dimensions: 13′ long x 6′ wide
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: Blue-Green-Yellow Stripe
  • Get it Here


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