Hammock Underquilt Review & Comparison – What’s Best?

Are you getting cold when you sleep in your hammock at night? There’s a simple solution, and it’s called a hammock underquilt.

Hammock Underquilt - How to Stay Warm in Your Hammock

These simple hammock accessories are genius: they can add a significant amount of warmth without costing a lot of money. That said, if you are camping in a colder climate and want additional warmth, I’d suggest opting for the down-filled underquilt rated for 20 degrees F.

1. OneTigris Budget-Priced Hammock Underquilt

First, let’s take a look at the cheaper $65-$70 synthetic version.

Hammock Underquilt Features

This “under blanket” has a polyester filling with a temperature rating of 40°F to 68°F (5°C to 20°C). Consequently, this affordable version is labeled as a 3-season underquilt.

Therefore, don’t expect to use it year-round (unless you live in a warmer climate). That said, it can easily extend your summer camping season while keeping your warmer on cool nights.

Hammock Blanket CordsIn addition to adding an extra layer of insulation to your hammock, this full-length underquilt also shields the wind. It wraps snugly around all standard-sized hammocks (Like the Eno), so you don’t have to order a special size (unless you want a double wide).

Simply attach the short bungee cords to your hammock strap carabiner to secure the underquilt. To detach, just unhook.

Note: This 10-second setup/take down process is so easy that you might as well take advantage of “layering” and wear it during the day, right? Well, you can, and people do. As long as you are going to add an extra 1.87 lbs to your backpack, why not make the most of it! =)

Many outdoor enthusiasts like the lightweight OneTigris because it has a simple design, compact small and doesn’t cost a lot of money. Not to mention, you get that extra warmth without having to sleep on the ground.

Quilted Hammock Blanket - Stay Warm at Night While Camping

Specs for the OneTigris Hammock Underquilt:

  • Temperature Rating: 40°F to 68°F
  • Fill: SEE® Polyester Filling
  • Shell: 20D Ripstop Nylon Shell with DWR Coating & 300T Polyester Pongee Lining
  • Weight: 30 oz (1.87 lbs)
  • Water Resistant
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 7.9 feet long x 4 feet wide
  • Package Includes Compression Stuff Sack & Hanging Suspension Bundle
  • Machine Washable, Hang to Dry
  • Get the OneTigris Underquilt here

Other similarly-priced options include the Eagles Nest Outfitters Ember 2 and the Snugpak Under Blanket with high-loft insulating fibers.

How Does a Hammock Underquilt Work?

These brilliantly-designed “hammock koozies” don’t squish down against the hammock because they surround the outside. Therefore, they insulate more effectively due to the thicker air-filled layer.

The following video explains why an underquilt works better to insulate you than a sleeping bag. Woogles Outdoors also explains how to attach, cinch and set up the underquilt.

Next, let’s check out the warmer, but more expensive, 20°F Down Underquilt.

2. Outdoor Vitals Down Hammock Underquilt:

Many people prefer the cheaper price of the OneTigris above. However, as mentioned in the video above, if you hammock camp frequently in colder temperatures, a down underquilt is worth the investment.

Down Hammock Underquilt - Warm Insulation for Camping

The loftier fill adds more warmth, yet it compacts just as small due to its excellent compression abilities. Both options provide ultralight versions ideal for backpacking trips.

In addition to insulating as an underquilt, you can also use this as a regular sleeping bag or as a technical blanket. With a drawstring at both ends, you can custom-fit this quilt into a snug, form-fitting cocoon. This keeps even more warmth from escaping.

Hammock Suspension Kit for Underquilt

Specs for the Down Underquilt:

  • Temperature Rating: 20°F
  • Fill: 800+ Fill Power Down with baffled grid design that keeps down in place
  • Shell: W/R Ripstop 400T 20D Nylon Shell with DWR Coating
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs
  • Water Repellent
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 6’5″ long x 32″ wide
  • Package Includes Compression Stuff Sack & Hanging Suspension Kit
  • Machine Wash with Down-Specific Detergent
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Buy the Outdoor Vitals Underquilt here

By the way, REI has tips on how to care for the DWR-coated fabric on these underquilts. (The same protective material found on Gore-Tex products). They also include information on manufacturer ratings and how the waterproofing layer works.

Underquilt VS a Sleeping Pad Comparison:

Klymit Hammock Sleeping Pad in Camping HammockShould you buy a sleeping pad instead? Both products have similar features, in that they provide insulation and comfort to the sleeper. They have similar pricing and they weigh about the same. However, they do have key differences.

For instance, the sleeping pad goes on the inside of the hammock rather than the outside. Rather than being composed of insulating fill, you inflate it with air, manually.

The pad does have some advantages, though. You can use it for padding if you decide to tent camp on the ground. In addition, it can enhance the comfort of a hammock with cushioning – even on a warm day.


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