Better Sleep with the Klymit Hammock Sleeping Pad?

I’ll be the first one to say that hammocks are very comfortable to sleep in. However, if you are sleeping outside or camping, you may want some additional insulation besides your sleeping bag.

Klymit Hammock Sleeping Pad in Camping Hammock

Adding extra padding or even a sleeping pad to the inside of a hammock can be somewhat awkward. So, you’ll be happy to know that Klymit developed specially-designed sleeping pads for hammocks.

How is the Klymit hammock Sleeping Pad Different?

1. These insulating pads have “wings” that wrap around the sides of your body in addition to keeping your bottom half warm. At the same time, they help open and shape the hammock.

2. In addition to having the proper fit, these sleeping pads feature “non-slip” zones. They hold both the pad and your sleeping bag in place while you sleep.

Klymit Hammock Sleeping Pad V-Shaped Design3. Lastly, notice the V-shaped mattress design. This shape minimizes air movement and therefore keeps you warmer. Furthermore, the air mattress has deep welds, which deliver greater support and comfort while you sleep.

I don’t know exactly how they work, but they enable back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers to all sleep comfortably.

Hammock Sleeping Pads: Convenient & Comfortable

These sleeping pads conveniently fit in all single and double wide standard hammocks. They are ultra lightweight, roll up into a compact bag and you can inflate them in under a minute.

If you are a cold weather camper, the Hammock V provides maximum comfort with minimal effort. They can literally make or break a camping trip. Well, not literally.

Another key comfort factor is the anti-microbial laminate. This prevents fungus and bacteria from growing and therefore stinking up your gear.

Klymit makes 2 versions: the Hammock V and the Insulated Hammock V. The main difference between the two is their insulation.

R-Value Chart for Sleeping Pads

The Hammock V has an R-Value of 1.6, whereas the Insulated Hammock V has an R-Value of 4.4.

Hammock V Sleeping Pad Specs:

  • R Value: 1.6
  • Material: 20D polyester (very durable, yet extremely lightweight)
  • Weight: 27 ounces
  • Thickness: 2″ when inflated
  • Color: grey
  • Package Includes: storage bag and patch repair kit

Get the Hammock V here

The Insulated Hammock V:

Klymit Insulated Sleeping Pad for Cold Weather Camping

  • R Value: 4.4
  • Material: 20D polyester
  • Weight: 32 ounces
  • Thickness: 2″ when inflated
  • Color: red
  • Package Includes: storage bag and patch repair kit

Get the Insulated Hammock V here

Klymit makes lightweight and durable camping gear like sleeping pads, backpacks, pillows and sleeping bags. They think outside the box when it comes to fabricating outdoor goods, making it easier and more comfortable for the rest of us to sleep outdoors.



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