My Favorite 2-Person Tree Hammock – How is it Better?

Do you want a double hammock that can fit 2 people… comfortably? I found a 2-person tree hammock that includes spreader bars to actually widen the fabric. Therefore, it allows people to sprawl out in the hammock more.

2-Person Tree Hammocks for Sleeping

Why Do I Like this Tree Hammock for 2 People?

Generally, I prefer Brazilian or Mayan style hammocks because their curved design makes them more comfortable for sleeping. In comparison, spreader bar hammocks typically lay flat and don’t conform well to the body. Hence, they don’t work well for sleeping.

Having said that, this Rusee 2-person hammock has a shorter spreader bar that maintains the curvature of the hammock. At the same time, it extends the canvas fabric outwards to create a comfortable bed for 2.

This Double Hammock Works Great for Travel…

2 Person Tree Hammock with Spreader Bar to Widen the BadNot only does this extra-large hammock only weigh about 3.5 pounds, but it easily compacts down into a small sack.

Therefore, you can easily carry it on hiking or camping trips (or travel with anywhere with trees, for that matter).

However, don’t let the lightweight material fool you. The breathable fabric also is highly dense. In other words, it has extra strength to support up to 450 lbs.

Note: The breathable cotton fabric on the Rusee helps keep you cool while you lay on the hammock or while you sleep. I have found that thicker materials can be comfortable, but you end up getting too hot after a while.

You Don’t Need 2 Trees to Use this 2-Person Hammock:

Indoor Hammock Stand for Sleeping Inside, Portable, Lightweight and SturdyAlthough I did call this a tree hammock, you can actually hang it on a stand as well. In other words, you don’t always have to hang it between 2 trees.

So, if you want to hang it outdoor in the summer and then use it inside in the winter, you can! In fact, that’s what I do with mine. And, you don’t need ties strings when using a stand. Simply hang the hammock on the stand hooks.

And speaking of using the hammock indoors, this specially-design fabric reduces wrinkles. Therefore, it doesn’t make your indoor space look sloppy or messy.

Square Blue Cotton 18-Inch Pillow Cases for HammockNote: I always keep my indoor hammock full of pillows rather than empty. It makes it more attractive to look at, not to mention comfortable to lay in.

Actually, 18-20″ square cushions work really well if you want to elevate your head while reading or working on a laptop. (My tip: put 20″ cushions in 18″ cases to make them more firm.)

Double Tree Hammock Features: Spreader Bar, Tie Ropes, Durable Canvas Fabric

Tree Strap Wrapped Around Tree - Super easy to Use, Set Supports Up to 1200 lbs, Includes CarabinersNote: You can get a set of heavy-duty adjustable tree straps for about $16.

They make hanging your hammock super simple, even if the trees grow 20 feet apart from each other. I own these myself, and I love them.

See also: How to Hang a Brazilian Hammock.

By the way, you can get this double hammock in red stripes too.

Specs for 2 Person Tree Hammock:

  • Bed Dimensions: 75″ Long x 59″ Wide
  • Overall Hammock Length: 110″ Long
  • Spreader Bat Length: 16 ” Long
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs
  • Material: High-Density Cotton Canvas
  • 2 Vibrant Color Options: Blue Stripe or Red Stripe
  • Package Includes 2 Binding Strings & Carrying Bag
  • Brand: Rusee
  • Get the Tree Hammock Here

Double Tree Hammock Dimensions - Length & Width


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