Haven Tent Hammock – Better than Camping in a Tent?

Do you want a way to get a better night’s sleep without carrying more camping gear? The Haven Tent Hammock has a unique design that has several advantages over both tents and camping hammocks….

Is a Haven Tent Hammock Better than a Tent?

Hammock Camping VS Tent Camping:

Many of us have used campground tents, but we may not be as familiar with camping in a hammock. Hammocks can be just as affordable, compact and easy to use, but they offer several advantages over the traditional ground tent.

1. Worry Less About Rain or Snow. For one, being elevated off the ground can keep you warmer and drier, especially in rainy or snowy conditions. Not only can this help give you a better night’s sleep, but it keeps your gear cleaner.

Hammock Camping VS Tent Camping in a Haven Hammock System

2. Sleep on a Softer Bed. Second, you don’t have to worry about sleeping on a hard, uneven surface. Yes, sleeping pads can help, but they can only do so much.

3. Use Your Hammock Any Time of Day. Third, hammocks provide a great spot to sit, lounge, swing and relax during the day when you’re not asleep. In other words, they can act as 2 pieces of furniture instead of just one.

Insulated Hammock Sleeping Pad Keeps You Warm Down to 8 Degrees F4. Stay Warmer. Fourth, the smaller tent area can help minimize heat loss. That said, regular camping hammocks make some people feel squished in a confined space. Plus, your head and legs are elevated, so you can sleep flat on your side or stomach.

The Haven lay flat hammock tent offers the ideal solution, where you get all of the benefits of a hammock – without the disadvantages.

What Do the Haven Hammock Kits Include?

These all-in-one hammock tent kits include the hammock body, sleeping pad, rainfly, bug net, straps, stakes and guy lines. That said, you can purchase the tent without a sleeping pad or rainfly if you want.

The advantage of a sleeping pad, however, is that it helps the hammock bed hold its flat square shape. Therefore, you can get a better night’s sleep, like you would in your bed at home – whether you sleep on your side, back or even your stomach.

Ultralight Pad VS Insulated Pad:

You can choose between a standard lightweight sleeping pad or insulated air mattress (or no pad at all) when you get a Haven Tent System. Besides the price difference, how do these 2 mattresses compare?

The Ultralight Pad works best for summer or warm weather camping where you don’t need an extra layer of warmth. It comes with an integrated foot pump to inflate it.

Insulated Sleeping Pad Cover for Camping HammocksOn the other hand, the insulated air mattress has an insulation value of R4. R4 sleeping pads are designed for use in air temperature down to 8 degrees Fahrenheit or -13 degrees Celsius.

Alternatively, you can get the lightweight non-insulated pad and then purchase an insulating cover to use with it when needed.

Getting the additional cover costs a little more, but enables you to sleep with a lightweight pad or one that has insulation.

How to Set Up a Haven Flat Hammock in 3 Simple Steps:

Note: Although it may look complicated, setting up the Haven doesn’t require more time than a traditional ground tent. In fact, it doesn’t take much longer than hanging a regular hammock.

1. First, locate 2 strong trees and attach the tree straps. Next, attach the hammock bed, keeping the ridge line tight (where you’ll drape the rainfly).

2. Then, insert the spreader bars at each end of the hammock and place the air mattress into the bed space. Now, you can see the camping hammock taking its “lay-flat” shape.

3. Finally, secure the rainfly to the ridge line by using the included carabiners. You can see detailed assembly instructions as well as pro tips in the video below:

Specs for the Haven Tent Hammock System:

Hammock tent kits include the hammock body, sleeping pad, rainfly, bug net, straps, stakes and guy lines. Therefore, you can sleep in all sorts of conditions without buying additional equipment to keep the rain, mosquitos or cold out.

Note: these specs are for the standard size Haven tent. They also sell an XL size, where the bed measures 80″ long by 30″ wide.

  • Dimensions: 78″ Long x 24″ Wide
  • Total Weight (Including Pad): Approximately 7 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 285 lbs
  • Material: 40D Ripstop Nylon
  • 3 Colors: Forest Camo, Green, Sky Blue
  • Insulated Pad R-Value: R4Tent Hammock with Rain Fly
  • Waterproof Rain Fly
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Assembly Required
  • Manufacturer: Haven Tents
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Haven Tent


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