Double Hammock with Wooden Stand – Pros & Cons

Roman Arc Hammock with Teak Wood Frame, White Fabric and Overhead Shade CanopyNote: The Outsunny double hammock with wooden stand is currently out of stock. However, they make a newer version that includes an overhead shade canopy.

It has a sleek, modern frame design made of long-lasting durable teak wood. In addition, it comes with lower support cables, so you don’t have to worry about the bed flipping upside down. =)

The Outsunny Extra Wide Hammock takes the double hammock to a whole new level. Instead of having just 2 hanging points, this hammock has 4. Therefore, the frame creates a wide open bed making it easy for 2 people to comfortably lay on.

Extra Wide Double Hammock with Wooden Stand for Sleeping in - Indoors or Outside

Sleeping in the Outsunny Double Hammock?

In addition, the Outsunny allows a single person to spread out. This feature differs from other traditional sleeping hammocks. Some people worry about feeling “confined” while sleeping in a traditional hammock. However, you don’t have to worry about that in this bed.

Note: All that said, I wouldn’t recommend this hammock as a regular sleeper for 2 people. Instead, I’d suggest that a single person sleep diagonally on it to emulate the curvature of a Brazilian or Mayan style hammock.

Big Hammock Looks Great Anywhere – but Takes Up Space

The contemporary style and design of the Outsunny extra wide hammock makes it a stunning piece of furniture, whether you use it indoors or outside. That said, this larger piece does require more space.

For example, the hammock (including frame) measures approximately 7 1/2 feet long by 7 1/2 wide. It could easily overwhelm a small room all by itself.

Does the Extra Wide Double Hammock Hold Up Well Outdoors?

Metal Carabiner and Hook on Outsunndy Extra Wide Double Hammock1. This Double Hammock was Specifically Designed for Outdoor Use

First of all, this hammock is made with weather-resistant materials and designed to be used outside. In fact, it even has metal hooks and carabiners to secure the bed to the frame.

2. Fabric Stands Up to Virtually Any Type of Weather

Secondly, the fabric is mildew resistant, UV resistant, stain resistant, fade proof and breathable. Therefore, not only can you use it in your backyard, it will look good for a long time without lots of maintenance.

3. The Frame is Made from the Same Type of Wood Used in Boats

Third, the frame is constructed out of Russian larch wood because it is tough, waterproof, resists rot. In fact, yacht builders often use larch to construct the frames of boats.

Outsunny Double Hammock larch Frame

What I Don’t Like About this Hammock…

What’s a better dirt magnet than white fabric? This bed going to get dirty fast, especially if you use it outdoors.

I’d dye it or paint it a color that shows less dirt, like tan or grey – or even a bright color. In addition (or alternatively) I’d spray it with a strong protectant fabric guard like 303.

Outsunny Double Hammock with Wooden Stand Specs:

  • Dimensions (Overall): 88.25″ Long x 88.25″ Wide x 41.25″ Tall
  • Dimensions (Bed): 74″ Long x 74″ Wide
  • Pillow Size 18″ Long x 18″ Wide
  • Weight: 77 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 440 lbs
  • Material: Cotton Fabric, Larch Wood Frame
  • Color: White Fabric
  • Assembly Required
  • About the Brand: Outsunny
  • Get the Hammock Here



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