Want a Folding Hammock Stand? – What’s Best & Why…

Do you want a compact, portable hammock that you can take with you camping or to the beach? This easy-to-use folding hammock stand only weighs 20 lbs, plus it sets up in a couple of minutes.

Portable Folding Hammock Stand with Hammock

Even if you never plan to travel with your hammock, the collapsible feature makes it really convenient to use. For example, you can set it up for short periods of time without it being a hassle.

Plus, you can easily move it from outdoors to inside whenever you want. You don’t need 2 people for the job.

How Does this Foldable Hammock Stand Compare to Others?

Portable Hammock Folded in Carrying BagThis hammock frame unfolds and sets up surprisingly quickly, in about 1-2 minutes. Whereas many other freestanding hammock frames come in pieces that you need to put together, this model simply unfolds.

As a result, it’s much easier to set up and disassemble. Plus, the hammock comes with its own convenient (and compact) carrying bag with handle.

Just carry your hammock over your shoulder like a backpack. It’s easy to take camping, to the beach, a park, on a vacation or even your backyard.

In comparison, the ENO hammock stand pulls apart into multiple pieces, plus it weighs 63 lbs. The Sunnydaze stand can also be disassembled. However, it does not not fold into small parts that can be easily carried.

Ozark Trail Fold Up Hammock StandOn the other hand, the Ozark Trail hammock stand folds flat and comes with its own bag for easy transport. It can fit most hammocks between 9 and 14 feet long. The metal frame weighs about 28 lbs.

You Can Use This Versatile Hammock More Often:

Adjustable Angle Hammock Stand for Different ActivitiesYou can set up this hammock either indoors or outside. It has rubber feet on the bottom of the frame so that it doesn’t scratch the floor. (The feet also help to keep the stand stable.)

The frame has yet another cool feature: you can adjust the angle of the arms. Consequently, this raises or lowers the slant of the hammock (more upright for reading, or reclined for napping). Very cool!

As a result, you may find yourself using the hammock more often. I mean, why not do homework or office projects or take conference calls in the hammock?

Lightweight Mesh Polyester Fabric on Hammock BedNote: By the way, this lightweight mesh polyester hammock allows for better air flow. Therefore, you can sit or lay in the hammock for long periods of time without getting hot like you might on a cotton hammock. I personally notice a difference on hot weather days.

Spacious Double Hammock Fits Multiple People, Even Though it Folds Small Enough to Carry Over Your Shoulder:

Even though this hammock frame folds up compact and only weighs 20 pounds, it can support multiple people. In fact, the hammock is wide enough to comfortably hold 2 adults, and it can carry 550 lbs.

Double Wide Portable Hammock Holds Up to 550 lbs

In addition, this extra wide double hammock features spreader bars at both ends of the bed. Therefore, the fabric won’t roll in and push people together. Instead, the hammock lays more flat.

Specs for the 2-Person Folding Hammock Stand:

  • Dimensions: 108″ Long x 36″ Wide x 35″ TallTranquillo Fold-Up Hammock with Stand
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 550 lbs
  • Frame Material: Powder Coated Steel
  • Bed Fabric: Polyester
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • 8 Color Options: Black, White, Brown, Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, Grey
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Model #: AX59
  • Brand: Tranquillo
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Foldable Hammock

Fold Up Hammock Frame Colors


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