5 Reasons Why I Love My Hammock with Mosquito Net

I purchased this camping hammock with mosquito net to take on road trips as well as use at home in my backyard. It’s very similar to the Skeeter Beeter Camping Hammock, but it costs less.

Hammock with Mosquito Net Keeps Bugs and Nets Out

I thought that I was getting a great deal when I bought it because the heavy-duty tree straps come with the package. Therefore, I could save myself an extra $12-15. However, it turned out that I like the hammock even more than I predicted. Here’s why:

1. It’s Conveniently Small, Compact and Lightweight.

First of all, the hammock arrives in it’s own carrying bag that holds all of the straps, ropes, carabiners and hammock itself. In total it only weighs about 2.5 lbs. In addition, it packs up small, so it’s easy to take anywhere without taking up lots of space.

2. It Takes 2 Minutes to Set Up.

Secondly, it’s super easy to set up. The hammock and mosquito net are one piece, and the carabiners come attached, so all you need to to is find 2 trees and secure the tree straps. It takes about 2 minutes.

Not sure how to wraps and secure the straps around a tree? This quick 1-minute video show s you how to do it in 3 simple steps;

3. It Breathes.

Third, I found the lightweight parachute fabric to “breath” much better than my other hammock. Therefore, it doesn’t make you overheat if you are sleeping outside on a warm evening. I think it’s extremely comfortable.

4. The Nylon Dries Super Quick.

Fourth, the fabric dries quickly. I forgot that parachute fabric has this great advantage. I accidentally spilled a bunch of water on the hammock while it was packed in its sack. When I hung the hammock up to dry, it aired out quickly.

5. I Love the Tree Straps.

Fifth, the tree straps actually are one of my favorite features of this package. They each come with 14 “loops”, which make it really easy to hang your hammock from various distances (up to about 20 feet!).

Tree Straps and Carabiner for Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Hammock Package Includes:

  • 1 Hammock with Attached Mosquito Net and Carrying Bag
  • Carabiners (iron/steel) (2)
  • 9-foot Tree Straps (polyester) (2)
  • Ropes for Mosquito Net (2)
  • Get the Details

How Strong is the Parachute Fabric?

By the way, the parachute fabric is deceptively strong. We typically find this nylon material in tents, hammocks, backpacks and other rugged outdoor gear. Therefore, it stands up well in all sorts of weather, moisture, etc..

By the way, did you know that nylon is more weather resistant and durable than polyester?

3 People Sitting in Green Heavy-Duty Outdoor Hammock with Mosquito Net

Nylon specifically provides more stretchability and is mildew resistant. The “T” in 210T stands for thread count. The higher the number, the stronger and thicker the material.

Specs for Hammock with Mosquito Net:

  • Hammock Dimensions: 8.9′ long x 4.6′ wide
  • Material: 210T/D Nylon Parachute Cloth (long-wearing, anti-tear)
  • Weight Capacity: 550 lbs
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Sleeping Hammock Comparison Chart – for 2018

Compare sleeping hammocks before you buy! Use this chart to see prices, features, ratings, sizes, weight capacity & more.

Hammocks Style Rating
Hammock Length Fabric
& Features
Weight Capacity Price
Good for
Vivere Double Hammock
Vivere Double
Brazilian 4.8 Bed: 7’10”
Full: 10’10”
100% Cotton. Easy care & packs in carrying bag. 400 lb capacity $130 Yes Read Review of Viviere Hammock Yes
Sunbrella Double
Sunbrella Hammock
Brazilian 4.8 Bed: 7’11”
Full: 12′
Weather-Resistant Sunbrella. Therefore, ideal for outdoor use. 450 lb capacity $250 Yes Read Review of Sunbrella Hammock Yes
Vivere Deluxe
Crochet Fringe

White Hammock with Crochet Fringe
Brazilian 4.2 Bed: 8’6″
Full: 14′
100% Cotton. Plus, hand-crocheted fringe. 450 lb capacity $100 Yes No
La Siesta

La Siesta
Brazilian 5.0 Bed: 7’7″
Full: 11’6″
Organic Cotton. Plus, super soft, macrame fringe. 355 lb capacity $200 Yes Read Review of La Siesta Hammock No
Modesta Arabica
Modesta Arabica Colombian Hammock
Colombian 4.0 Bed: 6’7″
Full: 9’10”

Organic Cotton. Soft, easy to clean.

265 lb capacity $75 Yes No
Novica Hammock
Novica Sleeping Hammock: with Orange and Yellow Stripes with White Fringe
Brazilian 4.5 Bed: 7’6″
Full: 12’6″
100% Cotton. Handcrafted. Comes in a variety of colors. 450 lb capacity $120 Yes Read Review of Novica Hammock No
Eco Hammock
Eco Hammock, Made of Recycled Materials
Brazilian 4.5 Bed: 6’6″
Full: 10’8″
Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles & Cotton Textile Discards, Super Soft, Queen Size. 500 lb capacity $50 Yes Read Review of Eco Hammock No
Skeeter Beeter
Skeeter Beeter
Camping 4.5 Bed: 10’6″ Nylon. Keeps the mosquitos out. 400 lb capacity $75 Yes Read Review of Mosquito Net Hammocks No
ENO DoubleNest
ENO DoubleNest Hammock
Camping 5.0 Bed: 9’4″ Woven Nylon. Very lightweight. Tons of colors. 400 lb capacity $79 Yes No

How to Choose a Sleeping Hammock

First of all, decide on the size hammock you want. For example, do you want a compact single-size hammock, double width or an extra large family size version?

By the way, many people find that a double wide hammock works especially well for sleeping since it provides more space and support. In addition, larger size hammocks enable you to use them both lengthwise (as a bed) and sideways (as a chair).

Second, consider the look and feel that you want. For instance, do you like fringe, lots of colors or a fabric that is easy to clean?

Third, think about the fabric. Cotton fabrics are very comfortable but tend to be warm in the summer time. Conversely, nylon camping hammocks are very lightweight and breathable. In addition, outdoor material like Sunbrella will perform better outdoors than other less durable materials.

Fourth, do you need a stand or will you hang your hammock from 2 trees or using hooks? If you want a stand, usually package deals can save you money.

Need to Relax More? See this Hand Woven Hammock…

Do you want an extra large multi-person hammock that you can fit in a large open patio, deck or backyard? The Hand Woven Hammock below may be just what you’re looking for…

Navy and White Jacquard Hand Woven Hammock on Patio

In addition to being completely comfortable, multi-functional and spacious, this hammock even looks great when not in use.

Plus, Add Style to Your Home with This Hammock…

Hand Woven Fringe Hanging from XXL HammockIn fact, it has a sophisticated look indoors as well (assuming you have enough space).

You’ll notice the intricate detailing in the hanging fridge on both sides of the bed. This haves the hammock a more elegant and finished appearance.

In addition, it provides more “substance”, so your hammock doesn’t simply look like a hanging piece of fabric.

Tip: Keep a few throw pillows in the bed of the hammock even while not in use. This designer trick helps give the bed more shape and makes it look more inviting. Not to mention, they make sleeping more comfortable!

Turn Your Deck or Patio into a Spa-Like Retreat…

Hand Woven Fabric on Brazilian Style HammockTake a break out of your busy day and pretend like you’re on a beach in Mexico. (Need a wave sound machine?…)

The special Jacquard weave looks and feels thick and luxurious. Plus, the intertwined threads give this hammock a unique raised and textured pattern.

In addition, the weave won’t lose its color like printed fabrics sometimes can. Plan on having your hammock look great for a long time.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself relaxing in it more often that you think. Hammocks are quite habit forming – in a good way. =)

Hand Woven Hammock Specs:

Based in Brazil, Ramalho Textiles manufactures authentic hand woven hammocks using old-world style and new innovations. The Island Bay Brand sells a variety of traditional hammocks styles from all over the world.