Need to Relax More? See this Hand Woven Hammock…

Do you want an extra large multi-person hammock that you can fit in a large open patio, deck or backyard? The Hand Woven Hammock below may be just what you’re looking for…

Navy and White Jacquard Hand Woven Hammock on Patio

In addition to being completely comfortable, multi-functional and spacious, this hammock even looks great when not in use.

Plus, Add Style to Your Home with This Hammock…

Hand Woven Fringe Hanging from XXL HammockIn fact, it has a sophisticated look indoors as well (assuming you have enough space).

You’ll notice the intricate detailing in the hanging fridge on both sides of the bed. This haves the hammock a more elegant and finished appearance.

In addition, it provides more “substance”, so your hammock doesn’t simply look like a hanging piece of fabric.

Tip: Keep a few throw pillows in the bed of the hammock even while not in use. This designer trick helps give the bed more shape and makes it look more inviting. Not to mention, they make sleeping more comfortable!

Turn Your Deck or Patio into a Spa-Like Retreat…

Hand Woven Fabric on Brazilian Style HammockTake a break out of your busy day and pretend like you’re on a beach in Mexico. (Need a wave sound machine?…)

The special Jacquard weave looks and feels thick and luxurious. Plus, the intertwined threads give this hammock a unique raised and textured pattern.

In addition, the weave won’t lose its color like printed fabrics sometimes can. Plan on having your hammock look great for a long time.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself relaxing in it more often that you think. Hammocks are quite habit forming – in a good way. =)

Hand Woven Hammock Specs:

Based in Brazil, Ramalho Textiles manufactures authentic hand woven hammocks using old-world style and new innovations. The Island Bay Brand sells a variety of traditional hammocks styles from all over the world.

Ecuadorian Hammock VS Brazilian – Which is Better?

At first glance, you might think that Ecuadorian and Brazilian hammocks are the same. Both have a very similar shape and design that is ideal for sleeping.

In addition, both types can have bright colors, natural cotton fabric and spacious bed width. Plus, either style can have decorative fringe tassels, which adds more to the ethnic appeal.

Yellow and Orange Ecuadorian Hammock with Fringe
Captain’s Line Ecuador Yellow Multi Stripe Hammock

The Ecuadorian hammock shown above features a vibrant handwoven fabric that would look festive either indoors or outside. It is strong and durable, yet adds flair to any space.

The polyester material makes it perform better outside than traditional cotton hammocks. Plus, polyester is easy to clean and the vibrant pattern helps to hide accidental marks or spills.

Let’s compare it to the La Siesta Brazilian Hammock, which features a similar design and style.

Ecuadorian VS Brazilian Hammock Comparison:

Hammock Type: Price Dimensions Weight Capacity Fabric
La Siesta Brazilian HammockBrazilian Hammock with Fringe
7’7″ long x 5’3″ wide 355 lbs Organic Cotton
Captain’s Line Ecuadorian HammockCaptian's Line Ecuadorian Hammock
$45 8′ long x 4′ wide 200 lbs Polyester

The coloring, fabric and size of the hammocks differ. Plus, they vary in price. In fact, the Ecuadorian hammock costs about 75% less that the La Siesta.

One is not necessarily better than the other. Furthermore, one is a single size hammock while the other fits 2 people. That said, if you want to save money on buying a hammock, this is a good way to do it…

Ecuadorian Hammock Specs:

  • Dimensions: 8′ long x 4′ Wide
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Yellow Striped
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Model #: EQHMYEL
  • Hanging hardware is not included
  • Get the Hammock Here

By the way, I came across this video touring a oceanfront home in Ecuador. I found it interesting how many hammocks they had – indoors and outside, on the patio and hung from trees in the backyard. Hammocks definitely give you the feel of a relaxing retreat.


Bliss Hammocks: The $35 Hammock-in-a-Bag

Hammock-in-a-BagThe Bliss Hammock is a simple, easy good-looking hanging “bed”. Not only that, but the support ropes are eco-friendly and made of recycled materials.

It’s Brazilian, so it’s great for sleeping too. The fabric (75% Polyester 25% Cotton) is strong, durable and long lasting – something you might not expect for a cheap hammock that only costs $35. The hammock loops have reinforcing metal, making them more secure and longer lasting.

I have one of these hammocks in the double size, and I use it both indoors and out. The fabric stretches out a little the first few times you use it, but after that, it keeps its shape and color well.

So this is a single width hammock that can hold up to 220 lbs. The bed measures 6’5″ long x 3’4″ wide. The overall length for hanging purposes is 9’3″.

12 Hammock Color ChoicesJust Attach to Wall

The package comes with hanging screws and hooks, so all you need to do is find a place to hang it. It can be used can be indoors or outdoors, although I recommend not leaving the fabric in direct sunlight for days on end, as it can deteriorate the cotton fabric.

…Or Use Your Hammock-in-a-Bag with a Hammock Stand

Alternatively, the Bliss can be used with the 9′ space-saving hammock stand. This way, you can move it around or put it in the center of a room without having to attach to walls or beams.

I have one of these stands, and it’s very sturdy. It comes apart into 5 solid pieces, so it’s easy to transport and store it you want to. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up or take apart.

There are 12 different colors to choose from, so there’s a style for everyone. You could even get a few styles and switch up the colors by the season.

Now the hard part is deciding which color to get. =)

Oversize Hammock Colors

If you want a wider hammock-in-a-bag, check out the “oversized” version. It measures 5′ wide versus 3’4″

Bliss Hammocks Brazilian Style Hammock in a Bag, Oversized. Even if you plan to use your sleeping hammock for a single person, a wider hammock has multiple benefits.

First of all, a wider bed enables you to sit or lay in it width-wise as well as length-wise. And secondly, the extra fabric makes sleeping feel more secure since the sides tend to wrap up around you as you are laying down.

How to Save Money on Your Hammock:

Bliss Hammocks sells a variety of hammocks, outdoor lounge chairs, backyard canopies and patio umbrellas on their site. However, you don’t get the free shipping that you can get through